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Jay Chikezie; The Founder Of Tremendoc App, The New Doctor In Your Pocket


Feb. 5, 2022, 12:32 p.m.

What motivates you to do the things you do? For Jay Chikezie, his kids are his motivation to leave an indelible mark in Africa. Hailing from Umuahia, Abia State, Jay is the founder of Nairabox, Tremendoc Limited and a father to two boys, aged 8 and 6.

The entrepreneur has always dreamed of being a doctor but failed his course in the university. He instead graduated with a degree in microbiology. However, Jay still forged to disrupt the health scene despite that setback. His telehealth solution, Tremendoc, would become the saviour of many Nigerians and, soon, the rest of Africa.

Jay’s first company, Nairabox, was launched in 2015. Essentially, Nairbox is a social e-wallet application that allows you to buy airtime on the go, pay for your bills, donate to a charity and buy movie or event tickets at the convenience of your home or workplace.

The disruptor later established Tremendoc in 2017, rebuilt it in 2018, and relaunched it in 2019. Since then, Tremendoc has stood as a telehealth platform strategically positioned to carve a niche in the on-demand medical care space. The platform connects patients to licensed doctors who can consult, recommend, test and diagnose on a wide range of treatments in real-time (audio call, video call or text).

“My first son was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids, which caused him to have a runny nose all the time. We would often wake up at night to check on him because he couldn’t breathe. The situation also made us frequent visitors at the hospital, and I was always in touch with friends who practised medicine.”

“During these trips, I noticed that sometimes, a doctor was unavailable, and in moments like this, all one needed is the reassurance from a professional. Another thing I noticed was that millions of Africans didn’t have the same access I had. I had a lot of doctors for friends who made things more accessible, but it was not the same for others. That is why I founded the company to give other people reassurance and easy access to quality health services they needed,” Jay shared with DT Africa.

Now, the platform boasts of a pool of 1000 doctors, 80,000 downloads, 42,000 active users and 20,000 consultations. Tremendoc is also available in the UK, USA and Canada.

As part of its plans, the limited company seeks to onboard pharmacies and laboratories to make access to medication seamless. Medication can also be picked up from patients’ homes to the laboratories to be checked and analysed for safe consumption. Furthermore, Tremendoc will offer its patients a 360 virtual care service and roll out the “Sponsor a Loved One” package. This package will allow African migrants in the UK, USA, or Canada to subscribe to health packages for their families in Africa.


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In Nigeria, the doctor to patient ratio is alarmingly low, with 4 medical doctors to every 10,000 Nigerians. The pressure has led to more than 40,000 of 75,000 registered medical doctors in the country practising outside the country. In contrast, 70% of the medical doctors in the country are either unemployed or have taken up side jobs to survive.

In response to this, Tremendoc aims to increase the earning power of doctors. The company pays doctors every month at an agreed amount. “With this, we aim to have at least 3000 to 4000 doctors on the platform every month.”

Well aware of the significance of partnerships, Tremendoc has partnered with five banks, eight health companies, and the biggest health insurance company in the country. The limited company also has endorsements from big brands, one of which is award-winning actress Osas Ighodaro.

Moreover, Tremendoc has successfully raised a pre-seed of 250K, hoping to close its pre-Series A round.

Speaking on his achievements, Jay stated, “I am excited and fulfilled with what is happening. My most outstanding achievement is that I have successfully established a healthtech company. I remember recording the company’s first patient on the platform, and that feeling is an experience I cherish till today. Telemedicine is filling gaps, and one of such is when a pregnant woman who went into labour in the middle of the night used the Tremendoc app to access a doctor who managed her situation till daylight when she was conveyed to the hospital and put to bed safely. Stories like these are what I consider my most outstanding achievement.”

Tremendoc plans to scale its services to Ghana, Kenya and Uganda this year.


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