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Learn about some cutting-edge fitness-enhancing sportswear gadgets


Oct. 31, 2022, 4:19 p.m.

Technology is fast advancing in every aspect of life in the world, and the area of sports has not been left out with the invention of more tech gadgets daily.

The aim to get more people into sports for commercial purposes and exercise has made these gadgets more useful.

Most people in sports, both the athletes and coaches and sometimes the fans, rely on these tech gadgets in other to bring out the best in them.

If you are looking for ways to take your sports routine to the next stage, Here are a few selected wearable Tech Gadgets invented to help the improvement of sports.

Catapult Player Smart Football Tracker

This device helps manage a player by measuring their performance during games. To prepare for competition demands by managing player workload and monitoring athlete development means using these devices.

Catapult's wearable technology solutions are proven at all levels of the sport and are independently validated and trusted by more than 2,500 teams worldwide.


Keeping fit through exercise has been accepted among individuals. But if you want to improve your fitness level, smartwatches are perfect for motivating you every step. It allows you to track your exercises and any physical activity in real time, so you'll never be discouraged by how much progress you're making. It can also be used for various sports, like cycling, running, or hiking.

Smartwatches come with preloaded workout routines that can guide you on what training you need to do to attain the desired result. Some smartwatches come with built-in heart rate monitors, which will help track how many calories you're burning each day.

Smart Jump Ropes

This device is one of the most efficient cardio exercises available; The jump rope connects to the SmartRope mobile app via Bluetooth to tell you about your cardio exercise.

Smart Jump Rope keeps track of workout data, jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping.

Moov HR Sweat Band

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing things around their wrist or holding their head tight, especially in this part of Africa where the weather is hot, but athletes are forced to wear bands to measure their performance in sports. Moov HR Sweat Band is one of the devices invented to assist athletes in taking good care of themselves when they train or play the sports they love.

Moov HR Sweat Band is a heart-rate powered sweatband made by athletes for athletes. It is sweat-absorbing, breathable, and quick-drying.

It takes the standard chest strap and advances it with new suction technology to keep it in place and worry-free while you work out.

Mpower Wearable Pod

Body training and building muscles on your own does not come easy. You must keep track of every minute detail you possibly can't do by yourself. Mpower sports wearable is a simple 23-gram pod that can be attached to the area around your muscles to measure your muscle strength. Using the surface EMG (sEMG) technology, the pod measures the EMG electrical signals produced by the forces during exercises, and then the information is sent to a connected smartphone app. It provides information regarding muscle fatigue, maximum muscle activation power, and fast muscle fiber activation.

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Protective Helmet

Protective helmets are devices worn by athletes to protect them from head injuries.

Most sports athletes have been seen wearing helmets during games. The best-known example is former Chelsea, Arsenal and Czech Republic international goalkeeper Peter Cech, who wore a protective helmet during games. Cech began wearing a helmet after sustaining a severe head injury later in his career.9 Mar 2021.

XMetrics Pro Swim Tracker

While swimming, your arms remain in motion, and when you break stroke to check on your progress, you no longer propel yourself towards your goal. Instead, you begin to slow down due to the drag from that out-of-place limb. With Xmetrics Pro Swim Tracker, there is no more slowing down. Attached to your goggles, the Pro Swim Tracker sits just on the back of your head, out of the way to minimize drag. The wearable device provides real-time audio feedback directly while swimming, just like a virtual coach.

Some famous athlete mostly seen wearing this kind of glasses is former American swimmer Michael Fred Phelps.


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