Lebanon: Art Centres Destroyed By Deadly Explosion In Beirut

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Aug. 10, 2020, 2:15 p.m.

Following the explosion that rocked Lebanon on Tuesday, the art scene in Beirut was not spared from the massive damage that had occurred as a result of the aftermath.

At least one museum and multiple galleries had their walls and windows broken and artworks knocked out of place. The explosion also destroyed skylights, windows and collapsed some of the windows of the rooms.

Some of the affected art centres were Marfa’ Gallery, Galerie Tanit and Sfeir Semler Gallery.

It also affected major art institutions such as Sursock Museum, Ashkal Alwan, the Arab Image Foundation, and the Beirut Art Center among others.

A spokesperson for Sursock Museum stated that, “the whole city has witnessed unprecedented damage, and Sursock is no exception.The building has been damaged considerably, and we are so thankful that the staff is safe.”

The museum’s director Zeina Arida, also referred to the impact of the explosion as “incomparable to anything we have ever witnessed”.

“A lot of damage has been done to the structure of the building at a time when the dollar in Lebanon is so high that I don’t know how we will afford to buy new glass for the skylights, the windows and the exit doors, we don’t have the means to buy new materials.” she added.

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She also stated that the staff at the museum stayed in the building, because they initially feared the explosion was a bombing.

Moments after the explosion, they realized how great damage it had caused.

Even though investigations are still ongoing, the explosion has been attributed to be caused by a fire that broke out in a storage facility containing over 2700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate.

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