Richard Holdbrook, robotics engineer

Ghanaian Mi Robot Builder Seeks To Impact Kids with His AI Robots


March 9, 2021, 1:04 p.m.

Richard Holdbrook is a passionate, driven young man that believes that all problems can be solved through determination and hard work. He is a graduate of the University of Mines and Technology with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

He has an interest in Hardware programming, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and 3D modeling. Generally, what gives him satisfaction and joy is the art of creating or developing anything behind a screen and bringing it to life to be felt and touched. Some of which are programming and uploading a robot or any hardware to perform, 3D modeling, and printing any piece to be used as a prototype to solve a real-life problem.

He is currently working on 3D modeling products that will help the visually impaired to have a feel of the study of mathematics. He is also working on assembling and programming a Mi Robot building Rover.

The Mi Robot Builder Rover features a track-style chassis (assembling blocks) that can scale obstacles with great agility. The track components are made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and the uniquely reinforced anti-slip ribbing enhances the durability and grip of the track belt. It can easily conquer complex terrain, bringing endless fun to whoever is handling it. It has a mobile application that can be used as a remote and has thousands of assembling parts that can be used as a DIY project.


In terms of programming, its mobile application has a unique interface that transforms complex and specialized command code into modular graphics making it more fun and easier to assimilate.

Its impact in Ghana will be educational in the sense that it will enable kids between 7 to 15 be creative and innovative because of the different types of models they can create with the chassis it provides. It is also going to improve their mental faculty in terms of critical thinking due to how the chassis was structured to be assembled.

The Ghana Association of ICT Teachers is trying to create a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence curriculum to be incorporated into the Educational System.

Along this line, the introduction of the MI Robot Builder will introduce the children to programming at a young age for them to see the endless possibilities of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in solving problems in our country. It is all about preparing the minds of the younger generation for the future.

The Robot is currently operational

The Mi Robot Builder Rover comes with a box that contains an assembling manual of one of the models in the form of a book and over 1000 individual pieces. One must carefully look through the carefully crafted, detailed, and simplified manual to be able to successfully assemble an entire piece. Once that is done, the controller is then charged to its full strength. Once it is fully charged, the power indicator turns green, otherwise, it remains red.

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The mobile application of the Mi Robot Builder Rover is on the play store. It needs to be downloaded and installed. Once that is done, the robot is connected to the mobile via Bluetooth. The Robot can be controlled using the application on the mobile phone which will be acting as a wireless remote.

Richard’s inspiration to take up the Mi Robot Builder Rover was out of sheer curiosity but he later realized how the younger generation could benefit from the development. He plans to move Ghana into the industrial age through learning the basis of Robotics.

Ghana as a country is far behind in terms of the emergence of AI/Robotics in our daily lives. In his opinion, the country is denying the youth and intellects access to technology and a stage that can enable them to accelerate into the robotics sector.

In the next 5 years, “I expect to see changes in the curriculum by introducing Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as a core facet of our educational system. I am hoping to see more processing industries being built that will have Robot Operating Systems (ROS) running to help the youth to gain more experience and knowledge. I am also hoping to see the acquisition of more hardware resources for practical teaching and learning in the field.” Richard tells Digital Times Africa

“I am planning to work on more Hardware programming-related projects in an industrial setting and also 3D modeling projects that will have an impact on the country, Africa, and the world at large,” he states.


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