Meet Termii, Nigeria’s Internet Market Service Helping African Businesses To Verify And Authenticate Transactions


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Feb. 24, 2021, 1:34 a.m.

Nigeria’s internet market service Termii is helping Businesses Use Messaging Channels To Verify And Authenticate Transactions. This it does by providing its services that enable digital businesses to communicate seamlessly with their customers.

Termii is a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) communications platform that connects digital businesses like fintechs and e-commerce companies with their customers, allowing them to engage with them and understand their behaviors and preferences.

Their Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) ensures a 90% deliverability rate, allowing digital businesses to enjoy similar ease of customer communication as their offline counterparts.

Termii aims at bridging the gap between the business and customer by engaging, verifying, and authenticating customer transactions through E-mail, SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp.

Termii uses application program interfaces (APIs) to easily integrate their solutions into the business’ application or website. These APIs connect the business app and messaging channels.

Termii offers its customers detailed analytics that provides insights into their customers’ mobile network status and settings. For example, Termii can detect a customer’s mobile network even if it has been ported from a different network.

These analytics extend insights into how customers engage with messages they receive from digital businesses, including whether they open the message, click on any links, or unsubscribe from any services. The business can get better insights into their customers’ communication preferences.

By combining high deliverability rates, omnichannel options, and ease of use, Termii provides a simple and effective tool to help digital businesses build and maintain relationships with their customers while saving costs without compromising the quality of service.

The company currently boasts thousands of customers including Bamboo, Helium Health, Eversend, Chaka, Yassir, Paystack, ULesson, Bankly, Omnibiz, and Credpal.

Termii thrives on third-party integrations and works with customer apps to optimize and enhance their communications and marketing operations.

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