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Mizormor; Ghana’s Tech Travel Startup Aiming To Be The Go-To Tourism Business Management Platform


March 30, 2022, 1:46 a.m.

The tourism sector was one of the hardest-hit sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before that, the industry contributed between 7-8% of Africa's GDP and employed over 24 million people. Post-COVID, that number has dropped by more than 51%. Although things are picking up again, it is not as fast as expected; however, there is enough evidence to show that the sector will soon bounce back to before COVID and probably even better. To revamp the tourism sector, Ghanaian product designer Hope Adoli is building Mizormor.

Hope Adoli is a product designer who has spent the past few years building digital products that users love and cherish. He has worked mainly with startups and individuals ideating or building their MVPs. Some of these startups include Homechow and Sesi Technologies. Hope has also worked with a few big organisations, such as MTN Ghana and Petra Trust.

The product designer is the founder of Mizormor(Let's travel), a bootstrapped tech travel startup. He is on a mission to create a platform connecting travellers touring the most naturally endowed continent on the planet to local travel agencies, tour guides, tourist attraction sites, and hotels. Hope has already snagged a few Ghanaian and East African agencies as partners.

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"Getting into tech, I'd say, was greatly influenced by curiosity. Since the first day we were introduced to ICT in primary school, I've always been curious to know more about technology. Back in the university, when I was pursuing a BSc degree in Banking and Finance, I'd spend many hours in the ICT lab learning programing and design from random youtube channels and whatnot. Years later, here we are!" Hope shared with DT Africa about his tech journey.

"Venturing into the tourism sector was mainly because of the problems we saw and wanted to build solutions to solve them. The sector was one of the hardest hit due to covid, and that brought a lot of problems; traveller safety, pricing challenges, health concerns, among others. We saw those as opportunities to build something that works. Talking about "we", I mean the Mizormor team, which comprises some of the best tech people you'll find around – Kwaku Owusu-Ansa, Peter Sowah, Faiza Adam. Gideon Assafuah, Francis Badasu, Gilbert Nii Tackie, Hope Avalon and myself."

For now, Mizormor is targeting the two most crucial user groups; the travellers and the travel and tour agents and agencies. "We're assembling the tools that will make their trips within Africa so easy to plan and fun to experience for the travellers. For the agencies, our primary goal is to help them with an indigenous platform that allows them quickly set up and manage their travel and tour business."

"Soon, we'll be building solutions for the creators within the sector, i.e. vloggers, travel photographers, travel bloggers, and be the go-to trip planning and tourism business management platform. We created our waitlist in December, and as of now, there are 200+ signs. We're also connecting with agencies within Ghana to create awareness. Currently building the MVP and will soon launch it."


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