National Service Workers Can Now Rent Cheaply Through The Edanra Portal


Oct. 5, 2021, 10:40 a.m.

Ghana’s National Service churns out 80,000-100,000 volunteers every year. 46% of these numbers are posted outside their home districts. No structured system exists to facilitate their accommodation demands.

Given this, proptech startup Edanra has introduced the EdanraNSS project. The EdanraNSS is a co-sharing service to oversee the matching of service personnel to decent spaces and facilitate their rent payment.

Edanra is a Ghanaian-based property tech startup that is committed to making renting convenient in Ghana. Currently operating as edanra.com, it is an online platform that helps users to find and pay for credible rental spaces for both short and long stays.

Founded in May 2020, the platform was built as a response to combat fraudulent activities executed by some property agents. Unfortunately, Isaac Sarfo, co-founder, and his partner fell victim to this scam during their national service. After their ordeal, Isaac and his partner sought to digitize, make convenient and make affordable accommodation rental in Ghana.

“ This year, we intend to pilot the EdanraNSS in Accra and eventually scale nationwide. We are, however, awaiting the NSS to officially release the postings for the program to achieve its full effect. Nonetheless, we have about 100 NSS personnel that have filled our form and awaiting our agents to pair them with people with similar preferences and budgets in our co-sharing program,” Isaac told Digital Times.

In Edanra’s effort to mitigate exorbitant rent charges, the startup has additionally, rolled out the Edanra Rent Support. The rent support is a scheme the startup intends to use to deal with the annual and bi-annual advance rent demands from landlords. In partnership with some financial institutions, tenants will be privy to receive loans to pre-finance their rent and pay back monthly.

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