Nigeria’s Farm365 Is Providing A Reliable Market To Sell Farm Produce Even Before Harvest.


May 4, 2021, 11:22 a.m.

Nigeria’s agritech startup Farm365 is combating food waste in Africa by ensuring access to low-cost and high-quality food after realizing that food waste is a reoccurring issue in Nigeria.

This the startup does by working closely with rural farmers to reduce post-harvest loss by providing a guaranteed and reliable market to sell their farm produce even before harvest.

Founded by AbdulAziz Kabir, the Farm365 platform is a vegetable and fruit box delivery marketplace that sources quality farm produce directly from rural farmers and sells in urban areas through its last-mile delivery.

Narrating how he came by the idea, the founder stated “I understand the pain of rural farmers who provide 95% of what we consume, out of this figures we lose 45% in the field before reaching the market.”

“Food waste is a big issue. If it was a country, it’d rank as the world’s third-biggest contributor to greenhouse emissions.”

“By going directly to farmers, asking what they’ve got for the season, we’re cutting out many roadblocks and reducing the amount of food chucked away which is better for the community and, better for your food,” AbdulAziz added

The startup is currently raising pre-seed round which will help it to continue building its product to attain a market fit in the coming months.

However, the startup launched its MVP which was a website to buy vegetables and fruits to get more customers communicating with them and placing their orders.

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