PharmNet; The Ghanaian Healthtech Startup To Watch Out For


Feb. 1, 2022, 1:31 a.m.

After rigorous research, a healthtech startup realised that diseases, particular killer and silent diseases, were the dominant cause of the high mortality rate in Ghana. Killer diseases are the deadliest diseases capable of ending one’s life, and while silent diseases act the same way, they show no symptoms or signs. These diseases are malaria, pneumonia, diabetes, and blood pressure.

Armed with this information, the startup formed PharmNet, which aims to educate the masses with daily health tips on the diseases mentioned earlier and equip patients with proper dietary guidelines. The startup hopes that these tips, in the form of videos and messages, will sensitise individuals about the causes, symptoms and preventive measures against these diseases. Moreover, some of these videos will be recorded in the local dialect to bridge the gap between illiterates. SMS will also be sent to reach communities with low penetration of the internet and smartphones.

Like DrugNet, the platform will onboard pharmacies and licensed doctors that specialise in these diseases to act as regulatory bodies, give patients access to pharmacists, and upload their prescriptions as self-medication and drug abuse will not be encouraged.

Speaking to a team member, Ibrahim Ridwan Umar, he hinted that the platform has a portion that allows patients to record their blood pressure and diabetic patterns. He tells DT Africa that this feature will be for effective checkup purposes and empower doctors to make better decisions.

Another incredible feature on the platform is “Book a Home Nurse”. The feature will allow families with sickly elderly patients to receive in-house treatment and care.

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Furthermore, the PharmNet platform will transmit reminder alerts to patients, whether online or offline, to remind and track their medication intake.

Ibrahim mentioned that the startup would partner with Ghana Ambulance Services and Lab Technicians as part of their plans to reduce the hassle individuals go through to book appointments. "Individuals can book an appointment with lab technicians from the comfort of their homes," he stated.

PharmNet is a product of Ghana Tech Lab’s National Mobile App Development Training with Flutter Program. The startup is currently in its incubation stage, a two-month program to help these young entrepreneurs define their business model and create innovations that transform lives.


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