Press Release: Startup Accra And Digital Times Africa Announces Alliance To Foster African Startups’ Growth

Press Release

June 17, 2021, 1:02 p.m.

Multimedia agency Digital Times Africa and Ghana’s startup community Startup Accra on 15th June 2021 has announced a partnership to promote startups’ activities in Ghana and ultimately Africa.

The partnership is a collaborative effort of the media agency and the startup community to co-create contents, accelerate startups and offer them the platform to attract partnerships and funding opportunities.

“As a growing community, this coalition promotes our services as an organisation, broadens market reach and expands our impact for our mutual benefits”.

“The alliance will go a long way to build a vibrant ecosystem as it gives us an opportunity to scale up within the ecosystem. As we know, the media is critical to the success of an ecosystem and with both media and our community together, that goal can be achieved,” said Norbert Dziwornu, co-founder of Startup Accra.

There is an emergence of talents, business and entrepreneurs in Africa, but there are still visible gaps because businesses lack access to the correct information and resources. Digital Times stands to bridge these gaps by fostering collaborative growth through education and capacity building.

“As a media entity at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, we want to see that we channel information with the right intent to the right people so that they can process the information to create the needed change in the ecosystem. The media’s role is critical to the growth of startup, entrepreneur and changemakers, and amplifying their voice, so the world hears what Africa has to offer is what we aim to do,” noted Richard Joseph, Product Manager for Digital Times Africa.

About Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia agency that provides a platform promoting African innovation. We curate relevant and credible content for startups, entrepreneurs and technology lovers in Africa. At Digital Times Africa, bridging the gap between the African Tech, Entrepreneurial, Innovation Ecosystems, and Traditional Industries is vital to pave the way for a new frontier on the Digital revolution and strengthen our ecosystem.

About Startup Accra

Startup Accra is a community of startups, entrepreneurs, startup ecosystems, creatives, investors, and industry experts that leverage the power of networking to form strategic partnerships and alliances, share resources and experiences to enable them to build globally competitive and sustainable brands.

Founded in 2018, Startup Accra has brought together over 500 entrepreneurs through its five events organised to share ideas, experiences, and expertise and formed strategic partnerships and alliances beneficial to their startup growth. They are organisers of meetup events to bring together like-minded people to collaborate as they believe collaboration is crucial for a startup’s growth and sustainability.

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