Rabawa Inc launches Africa’s First Social Commerce Platform To Support African Entrepreneurs


March 31, 2021, 10:33 a.m.

A global distribution platform Rabawa has been launched. The platform offers e-commerce supply chain solutions to African entrepreneurs, curbing unemployment in the process.

Rabawa connects African entrepreneurs to top manufacturers and wholesalers across Africa, Asia, the USA, and the UK and commits to helping them quickly and easily launch their online businesses without any investment or inventory.

The platform supports these entrepreneurs leverage social media for curating, promoting, and selling their products to end-users.

In a press statement by Olayinka Akinkunmi, COO, Rabawa, “Rabawa aims to provide 21 Million Africans with their own businesses by 2023”

According to Akinkunmi, the basic requirement for any aspiring Rabawa entrepreneur is to possess a smartphone or computer and a basic understanding of business.

“Rabawa is very confident that their business model will lead to accelerating the eCommerce sector and ensuring financial inclusion.”, she added

This will enable them to resell their products through a manufacturer or wholesale supplier and share with interested customers after adding a margin.

Entrepreneurs who understand their business well or aspire to start businesses can visit the platform here.

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