SA Firm Launches Crypto Water Token And Secures $150M Investment


July 11, 2022, 3:42 p.m.

A South African firm, H2O Securities, that launched the “crypto water token” ($H2ON), has secured an investment of $150 million from a Bahamas-based digital asset management company, GEM Digital. Initially available on decentralized exchanges only, the H2ON token was recently listed on the crypto exchange platform Bitmart. They intend to add many more exchanges in the upcoming months, this one being the first.

The first of its type in the world, the $H2ON Water Utility Cryptographic Token enables quicker water infrastructure and solutions deployment. The token’s goal is to support the funding of water projects worldwide.

The H2O Water Network grants the buyers of the H2ON token access to the network and one or more water units. The $H2ON Token can be staked for a period ranging from 30 to 730 days at a time and is eligible for unlimited trading on any DEX or CEX where it is listed.

Additionally, the token has been made available for trading on the ApeSwap DeFi platform. This will allow the $H2ON token to become available for trading (buying and selling).

Julius Steyn, Founder and CEO of H20 Securities, spoke on the development and said that H2O’s tech combination could be used to produce more water infrastructure faster and more effectively.

“We believe that through H2O Securities’s H2O Water Network, which combines the strengths of traditional and decentralized finance, as well as the linking of real-world water producing assets with Blockchain markets, we can produce more water infrastructure faster and more cost-effectively, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future,” Steyn said.

H2ON will employ the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect water generation facilities in the real world to the Blockchain. Immutable smart contracts will run these facilities.

The $H2ON Tokens that participants in the H2O Water Network own can be used to:

  • Connect more water plants to the H2O Water Network
  • Network services for the delivery of water
  • Making a purchase or payment for services connected to the H2O Water Network

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