SA Startup Launches Audio Library App


May 4, 2021, 1:47 p.m.

South African startup BiB has launched what it says is Africa’s first audio library app, hosting exclusive content from the continent.

Available on App Store and Google Play, BiB facilitates the production of African storytelling by acclaimed voice artists.

In addition to BiB’s produced theatre pieces, children’s theatre, and series, over 60 titles from the Naspers-owned NB Publishers are available to listeners.

“BiB’s mission is to bring the richness of Africa’s storytelling heritage to the world and through our strategic partnerships with content creators, authors and publishers we aim to present the extraordinary diversity of African voices,” said founder Arlene Mulder.

“We’re a South African startup with a pan-African focus, and we plan to go beyond this country’s 11 official languages and borders to feature content from across the continent and the African diaspora abroad. We believe that our tech platform is ideal for preserving and promoting Africa’s deep storytelling culture and traditions, protecting African stories into the long future for generations to come.”

BiB has just launched its first subscription offering but says it is more affordable than competitors and uses leading-edge file compression technology to reduce data costs for listeners.

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