SAGE Nigeria Partners Afroseed And Digital Times Africa To Drive Youth Entrepreneurship


June 23, 2021, 12:42 p.m.

African-focused organizations SAGE Nigeria, Afroseed, and Digital Times Africa have partnered to ignite the imaginative abilities and problem-solving skills of young Africans through the SAGE Dialogue Series 2021

The SAGE Dialogue Series is an online discussion series targeted at teens, adults, and industry leaders striving to make a positive difference in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, thus improving the entrepreneurship experience in Africa.

The discussion focuses on thematic areas:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Africa’s New Crude.
  • The Next Wave; Leaders Forged through Entrepreneurship
  • Revamping Education; The New Order

According to the National coordinator Chinenye Udeh, the alliance is a collaboration that will produce better results.

“We all understand the significance of making an impact and raising a generation of entrepreneurs as well as digitally skilled young talents in different sectors. It is a collaboration that will produce better results. We do not just want good, we want the best,” she said.

“SAGE Nigeria has also partnered with other reputable organizations like SMEDAN. Organizations like these are concerned with entrepreneurship development in young people because they know that it is the best way to liberate people and an economy. If before SAGE was doing a tremendous job, these partnerships will accelerate SAGE’s purpose ten times,” Udeh added.

The Entrepreneurship space is gaining a lot of attention as people are now cognizant of season changes. Only those synonymous with Luddites will not agree to this but change in the different economic ages till date should tell even more. Entrepreneurship is the new crude and is here to stay and transform the economy.

There is obviously going to be a gap between the rich and the penurious, between the have and have-nots and this is going to be brought about by entrepreneurship. It will bring about a society where the manual worker earns peanuts as compared with a worker equipped with the soft skills of entrepreneurship.

For some years now, the strides made by SAGE have been immeasurable but for the next three years, SAGE Global intends to take the implementation of its mission to a whole new level. The organization intends to use its past successes as a benchmark to impact young minds entrepreneurially and make them relevant for themselves and the economy at large.

“We are not only working theoretically but to give hands-on training, empower and follow up the process. There are a number of initiatives that are targeted towards entrepreneurship development but SAGE has set itself apart. We intend to double the rate at which we expose Nigerian ‘SAGE teenpreneurs’. A part of our objectives is connecting them and Nigerian SAGE Mentors to international communities where they can network and grow their brands.”

“The introduction of the SAGE Nigeria mentorship initiative is another way we intend to add massive value to SAGE and bring about a huge impact. The mentors will be empowered and spread across the nation to ensure that one out of every 20 teenagers is affected by SAGE. After this is done, we believe that these 20 teenagers will shine the light on 20 more and this is how the light and blessing of SAGE will be made available to every teenager.”

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem is gaining a lot of attention globally and in Nigeria and we believe that this is a great way to play our part in contributing to Entrepreneurship development in Nigeria. All these we believe will further lead to strengthening the economy.”

“We are glad that the world and even Nigerians are getting awareness about the importance of grassroots entrepreneurship education and innovation. Our purpose will always stay alive and make an impact as long as we keep fulfilling the SAGE mandate which we are doing and will always do,” Udeh concluded.

About SAGE Nigeria

SAGE is an acronym for students for the advancement of global entrepreneurship. The SAGE program is an entrepreneurship program for teenagers with a mission to create the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders whose innovations and social enterprises address some of the world’s urgent unmet needs.

It was founded by Prof. Curtis Deberg, a professor at California State University, Chico.

SAGE is currently in over 50 countries and holds her world cup annually.

SAGE Nigeria has been actively involved in the SAGE program since it was introduced in Nigeria in 2005, impacting at least 4000 teenagers yearly.

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