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Sneak Peek Of The 9 Startups Competing In The National Acceleration Program


April 5, 2022, 2:52 a.m.

On Friday, 8th April, the showdown of the Ghana Startup Summit will feature nine startups competing for the grand prize. These startups are Ghanaian businesses that have created value in the market for a year and above and have participated in Ghana Tech Lab’s six-month-long acceleration program. The program will allow these startups to pitch their ideas to successful entrepreneurs, affluent business executives, seasoned industry experts, government officials, investors, and the general public. They stand a chance to receive free working space and media and branding support.

Here are the nine startups from the various tech hubs across the country;


Yebitom is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company registered as a sole proprietorship entity under the company’s cod-(1963) Acts-(179) to operate a food processing business. The startup incorporated the business on 23rd June 2014 to become a household name with healthy, hygienic, affordable and delicious products with particular attention to Children’s Food, Cereals, Spices and Snacks. The company is presently located at Adientem-Takoradi and a product ICode Gh, A technology and business innovation hub that provides tailored entrepreneurship and digital technology skills, including mentoring and coaching for startups.


NutriDi is a health and wellness startup whose core business promotes well-being through healthy eating and lifestyle education. They provide education on healthy eating and lifestyle, training for individual and corporate kitchens staff. They also offer well-strategized online resources through their web app NutriDi is a product of GTL Campus, an open, collaborative Space for competent Digital skills training, seeding Innovations and Growing Startups.

Hakama Company Limited

A food processing company that processes agro-food produce into convenient home cooking foods. The company seeks to solve post-harvest losses through agro-processing, thus ensuring food safety in the food value chain. The company is a product of Women’s Haven Africa, an innovative entrepreneurial female hub creating a friendly and productive environment for the growth and development of women-led businesses.

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Dercol Bags

Dercolbags is a packaging firm with a mission to add value to local products and replace single-use plastics with eco-friendly packages for a clean environment.

Kasomo Shea

Kasomo Shea is a startup located in Bongo in the Upper East Region that collects and processes Shea nuts into raw Shea butter. The startup operates from Dansyn ISO, a non-profit organization that supports youth entrepreneurship and IT capabilities in the Upper East Region and beyond.

Food Paddy

Food Paddy is an online platform (working app) that connects users with restaurants and verified home chefs. The startup is a product of Code Coast, a practical technology and entrepreneurship social organization that create an enabling environment for software developers and entrepreneurs to thrive.


Opanet is an open banking infrastructure built on distributed ledger and AI technologies to facilitate innovation and collaboration among innovators, microfinance institutions and partner banks to reduce time and capital expense to deliver digital financial services to the unbanked. Opanet is a startup from Kumasi Hive, a hub committed to engineering innovative solutions to pertinent challenges affecting local businesses and startups

360 Garage Bar and Grill

The startup owns a bar and grill that serves as a recreational and event centre for locals. It is located in the WaleWale municipal. The event startup works from Northern Innovation Lab, a consultancy and support system for both ICT and Social focused entrepreneurs and SGBs who aspire to create great companies leveraging the unique opportunities in Africa.

Scar Pharmacy

Scar Pharmacy connects users to pharmacies and pharmacists and provides a fundraising platform for users to donate to help people in need. The startup works from Ghana Tech Lab’s co-working space.


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