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South Africa Meets Ghana To Promote Green Economy And EVs On The Continent


Dec. 10, 2021, 3:20 p.m.

A report by CNBC revealed that, in 2019 alone, fossil-fuel-powered vehicles contributed towards unprecedented atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide. Higher emissions of carbon dioxide continue to remain a major contributor to the gradual depletion of the ecosystem. Available statistics further revealed that Africa contributed 4% to global fossil-fuel emissions in 2017, with its countries, including Ghana contributing 0.51 tons per capita.

In a bid to have a carbon-reduced future, countries such as the United Kingdom intend to ban the sale of upcoming diesel and petrol-powered cars by 2030, resorting to the use of electric vehicles and appliances. This is delightful news as South Africa meets Ghana to stabilise a green economy and pioneer EV in Africa.

Concerning this, Agilitee, a South African green tech company, is in discussions with its Ghanaian partners to launch an electric-vehicle assembling plant.

Agilitee is an electric vehicle and green tech company at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution in Africa. Agilitee as the industry pioneer and the first African EV company to go to market, driving clean energy solutions and carbon reduction, will dominate in the next ten years and more.

The establishment of the assembly plant will lead to the production of electric vehicle solutions including battery swapping stations, solar charging facilities and other eco-friendly products such as solar television sets.

Furthermore, the partnership hints at a bigger vision of placing ghana at the forefront of industrialisation and making it a competitive industrial hub for the automotive industry in West Africa.

“ Our company settled on Ghana because we believe that the country is more ready for the green revolution. This is evident in several efforts made by the President of Ghana to promote green or clean energy on the entire African continent,” CEO of Agilitee, Dr Mandla Lamba, stated.

“The Ghanaian President is one of the smartest leaders Africa has ever produced, and following his lead, we are looking forward to penetrating Ghana’s market,” he said.

“We aim to change the continent by driving clean energy solutions and carbon reduction. The Agilitee team is pioneering, researching, importing, assembling, manufacturing, and franchising electric vehicles technology.

“We have also found ways to produce home appliances and electronics that do not consume too much electricity,” the CEO said.

After its launch in South Africa, Agilitee is set to begin its operations in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi, and Zambia.

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