Surge In African Cybercrime Activities And How Businesses Can Survive


Oct. 28, 2022, 4:51 p.m.

Startups face many challenges; the biggest one is cyber attacks. On top of this, customers' faith gets startled too, and they start thinking that their data is not safe too. It is super bad for any new business. So, strong cybersecurity for startups is critical for everyone.

As a startup founder, you may not have the same resources as larger companies, but that doesn't mean you're exempt from cyber threats. Startups are often more vulnerable to attack than established businesses because they typically don't have the same level of security measures in place.

African Startups businesses face a vast cybercrime threat at the rapid digitalization expansion. Cybercrime experts have predicted Africa's digital economy to reach $180bn a year by mid-2025, but it seems like inadequate efforts to block cybercrime have hindered this growth.

Phishing attacks detected in the region are on a spree. According to a Kaspersky analysis, over the last three months, Kenya and South Africa's phishing cases have risen to 438% and 4,578,216, respectively, adding more than 144% to the previous data.

Phishing cases are due to a fast-evolving array of digital threats from espionage, critical infrastructure sabotage, organized crime, and combat innovation.

According to, African governments and corporations face the prospect of investing hugely in digital security as cyberattacks become the norm and internet traffic doubles every 18 months.

Mr. Adrew Mori, CEO of Deimos, at the just-ended Africa Money and Defi Summit West Africa, held in Accra, Ghana, shared a presentation under the theme "Rising Cybercrime in Africa: What is happening and what to do about it." He said businesses must start focusing on continuous monitoring of cloud-native environments, which entails companies educating their employees about the dangers of social engineering and how to defend against it.

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Social engineering attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated, so it's critical to be aware of the dangers. Social engineering is a strategy cyber attackers use to fool their target through impersonation. They might pretend to be your boss, your supplier, someone from the IT team, or your delivery company. Regardless of who these hackers impersonate, their motivation is always the same: to extract money or data.

Employees of a company or any startup with sensitive data must ensure they know how to spot a social engineering attack and what to do if they encounter one.

New cyber threats emerge every day. Understand the risks you face, and protect your business by leveraging cybersecurity solutions to help protect you from the edge of the cloud.

Cyber risks are constantly changing, so we must evolve and ponder upon the most pressing cyber threats with the potential financial impact to help our leadership prioritize the initiatives with the highest ROI.


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