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Survey54 Launches Audience Measurement Product In Ghana


Nov. 22, 2022, 9:56 a.m.

Survey54 data and insights agency in Africa has announced launching its radio and TV audience measurement product in Ghana.

The product will help media companies, advertisers, broadcasters, and other stakeholders understand their audience and the value of their media content.

The audience measurement product offers media stakeholders in Ghana accurate, transparent, and up-to-date radio & TV listenership distribution data. This product allows users to view Radio & TV shares, gauge ad spending for better ROI, and plan future campaigns.

The product offers a self-serve dashboard which is helpful for the following:

Advertising Intelligence data: To access brand-focused listenership data to comprehend rival media strategies and verify investments in owned or rival campaigns.

Audience-targeted focus campaigns: Recognizing who, when, the frequency, and why they tune in. Stations can use this information to enhance and tailor content to maintain brand relevance.

Planning and evaluation: The product gives users all the resources they need to plan, target, and evaluate their marketing campaigns.

Survey54’s audience measurement is a critical success tool for:

  • TV and Radio stations that want to understand who is watching/ listening to them and at what time.
  • Agencies are interested in understanding where to spend money on advertising on radio and TV shows.
  • Businesses that want to strategize and maximize the ROI on their advertising investment.

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Survey54 collects 600 responses daily per region. Ensures that all relevant responses collected are not outdated and reliable. The same strategy makes the company’s recall rate one of the highest in Africa.

This launch represents a significant milestone for Survey54 as the team continues its mission to help businesses in Africa and emerging markets make innovative decisions based on data.

They are committed to providing users with the best possible products and services and are thrilled to bring this new product to Ghana.


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