Ten Startups To Participate In Pan-African Fintech Acceleration Program


March 25, 2021, 3:59 a.m.

Ten African startups have been given the green card by Pan-African Fintech Accelerator to participate in the first edition of its acceleration program

The program will ensure to equip these African startups with the required skills and knowledge needed to scale in North Africa through training, mentorship, acceleration, and market expansion.

Here is a list of the selected fintech startups for the Pan-African Fintech Accelerator

Built (Ghana)

Built is an online accounting software that helps users run their business better. Offering services ranging from managing cash flow to accepting customer payments to paying their staff.

The platform consists of chartered accountants, financial analysts, developers, and marketers who are passionate about the prosperity of SMEs in Africa.

According to its website, SMEs cover a large part of Africa’s economy, yet they have the highest failure rate due to lack of opportunities.

The startup is inspired by the impacts of some African SMEs and is set to democratize that for all.

Built is building the digital infrastructure SMEs need to launch, run and grow their businesses.

FXkudi (Ghana)

This startup is a fintech b2b platform that offers a convenient method of money transfer services across the African continent.

The company is focused on creating payment solutions. FXKudi discovered that money transfer which is supposed to be simple, secure, and fast has turned out to be the opposite and expensive.

FXKudi is set out to provide a solution that makes online money transfer completely simple, fast, secure, and gives a completely takes-out transfer fee.

According to its website, the fintech startup is geared by the idea of giving Africans access to borderless money transfers and the power to pay.

FXKudi has therefore created a payment system that allows users to create virtual cards to make unrestricted online payments.

Nvoicia (Ghana)

According to its website, lack of cash flow is one of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail to achieve growth.

Therefore, the fintech startup has researched this challenge to develop a solution that is inclusive to financially underserved businesses.

Nvoicia was built to support small businesses with unpaid invoices to gain access to cash so that they can run their businesses without any financial lack.

DigiExt (Ghana)

The tech company is committed to the sustainable development of African agriculture to challenge the way technologies are offered to small-scale farmers.

DigiExt believes in supporting Farm Cooperatives to develop an agribusiness value chain with a sustainable farm to processed product.

The company operates in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States.

Wayamoney (Ghana)

According to its website, the startup is helping millions of Africans who desire better ways to move their money locally and across Africa.

With Wayamoney’s solution, Africans can transfer money instantly at zero cost across the continent.

InTouch (Senegal)

The startup was born out of the belief that with a very low rate of financial inclusion, democratizing access to financial technology will create a wealth of opportunities for Africans.

InTouch provides merchants and businesses with unique solutions to accept all means of payment and distribute a large catalog of digital services in all the countries it operates.

Matontine (Senegal)

This startup is a digital financial services platform that has digitized traditional savings groups (Tontines) to provide access to a range of financial and non-financial services to the financially excluded in Africa.

Matontine works with organizations interested in the financial inclusion sector but does not have the required expertise. The startup is seeking partners who are a ready-to-go solution to implement outcome-based solutions to excluded groups

RSC technology (Ivory Coast)

This startup simplifies the distribution of goods and services. The company creates software for users web projects, tailor-made e-commerce services, or business applications to be deployed on cloud or hybrid infrastructures.

RSC Technology makes African goods and services accessible to the world in real-time.

Motito (Ghana)

This is a credit platform with a mobile shopping app that offers convenience and a tailored-to-you payment plan for its users.

Mojabank (Ivory coast)

This fintech startup Is a cross-border banking platform.

Startups will have the opportunity to meet and present their solutions to a global audience and industry network in June

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