The 3 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Tech Lovers Or Startups


Dec. 24, 2021, 2:08 a.m.

On the eve of Christmas, the editorial team of DT Africa conducted a survey “ what would your ideal gift be as a tech lover or startup”. Interestingly, we had multiple answers; an avid interface, gaming equipment, anti-radiation stickers, unlimited access to premium services, but these three stood out of all the answers—internship/job opportunity, laptop/iPad, and funding.


Internship/Job Opportunity: In September, it was reported that over 1000 unemployed youth were seen standing in long queues at the Accra International Conference Centre, with many of them struggling to enter the building to secure jobs with companies during the YEA job fair. The primary objective of the YEA Job Fair is to provide opportunities for job seekers to go through live interview sessions to get employed by the participating companies from the private sector. However, the YEA did not meet that objective. So it is not surprising that most of the youth who took part in the survey asked for internships or job opportunities. A youth we spoke to further revealed that it has been his longtime dream to bag an internship opportunity at Google. His reason; he has been a fan of Google for many years, and google products regulate his life. Given this, if you are aware of any internship or vacancy slot, reach out to us via


Funding: The fundamental need of every startup is funding. In Ghana, access to funding is quite cumbersome, so it is not surprising it ranked second in the survey. However, the good news is that some companies like Ghana Tech Lab run a couple of funding and accelerator programs for startups and businesses. Their GSS program, for instance, rewards businesses with seed funding after they have successfully gone through their training and incubation program. The company recently also launched the GSSF initiative to provide startups with funding. While this is usually in the form of money, it also takes the form of effort or time from the organisation or company. Ghana Tech Lab has another initiative called the Startup Business Advisory Service— a free advisory portal to support startups. startups can also look into the Ghana Startup Capital Fund- VC4A

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Laptop/iPad: A laptop or iPad was the most mentioned gift to receive during the survey. The outcome is due to the ecosystem’s number of developers, digital creatives and startups. According to them, owning the latest laptop or iPad of any brand will be a dream come true. Why are laptops and iPads so popular? They are more flexible, mobile, and almost as powerful as desktops,


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