Mr. Daniel Owusu, GTL’s Ecosystem Development Manager.

The Impact Of Ghana Tech Lab In The Ghanaian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


Sept. 5, 2022, 9:13 a.m.

Over a mere four years, Ghana Tech Lab has been established as a series of strategically-placed ecosystem hubs, providing Ghana with Africa's leading tech hubs to accelerate and catalyze a highly-skilled digital workforce drawn from its pool of innovative youth. Using technology, their business ideas produce market accelerators for products and services created across a diverse platform of promising startups ready-made for early-stage investment. Ghana Tech Lab falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications E-transform project with funding from the World Bank. 

Ghana Tech Lab (GTL) works with ecosystem partners to drive tech innovation and advance digital transformation in Ghana through appropriate skills training for aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them access to tech and commercial mentors and related investors to support numerous incubation programs in development around the country. GTL also provides Startup scaling support through their carefully-crafted Accelerator Program and Startup Business Advisory Support Program (StartupBAS).

In addition, GTL strategically collaborates with various organizations to create paid internships for their digital skills trainees under our Employability Program. 'In partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, we are proud to be a 21st-century solution to African youth employment. Through a dynamic, collaborative effort, our work supports young Ghanaians' ambitions, creativity, and aspirations under the Pathway to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) Project. Simple, practical ideas are turned into big startup ideas for various solutions, products, and services that solve diverse societal needs. Ghana Tech Lab has produced remarkable stories about exceptional young people, nurtured and honed by extraordinary GTL employees, mentors, and trainers,' says Mr. Daniel Owusu, GTL's Ecosystem Development Manager.

'Since our beginnings in 2018, we have digitally trained over 10,000 young people in a range of specialist areas, from mobile app development to gaining a better understanding of the use and benefits of AI, robotics, and digital media and comprehensive knowledge exchange across all data sciences being realized in our global community. We have supported 200 early and growth-stage startups. We have created high-end jobs for 1 940 young Ghanaians and created over 630 internship placements across 16 regions of Ghana,' Mr. Owusu goes on to say.

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Mr. Owusu serves at the helm of this diverse, multi-disciplinary tech training hub: 'I am both inspired, excited, and privileged to work with such a dynamic specialist team at these pivotal Ghanaian tech innovation hubs. We have worked tirelessly to create the most functional, relevant, and enabling environment for young entrepreneurs and innovators who are in the process of developing startups in all corners of Ghana'. Mr. Owusu currently manages 32 tech innovation hubs in 16 regions across Ghana: 'Our team are pioneers in their development of a nationwide ecosystem mapping project, a reliable, up-to-date interactive national ecosystem stakeholder data platform that both explains and stimulates entrepreneurial growth and interactions across policy decision tables. Ecosystem mapping provides a situational analysis of local business and enterprise systems, detailing their startup survival strategies and progress. This mapping platform promotes startup innovations and success stories in real-time, highlighting how dynamic our web of ecosystem hubs is around Ghana. In this regard, we identify and bridge the salient gaps in our Ghanaian entrepreneurial ecosystems to keep building our network of shared productivity across the country. 

Mr Owusu played an instrumental role in co-designing, developing and leading the team to include hundreds of individuals and organizations in their skills transfer hubs: the Startup Business Advisory Services (a free business advisory service for anyone who needs assistance); the National Mentorship Network; The Startup Coach School for the training of business development associates to keep abreast of their trade and associated market-based trends; The Startup Scaling Fund (a zero interest revolving fund to aid early stage startups seeking funds but which do not have the required banking compliance prior to their funding applications); Ghana Ladies in Tech (a curated community to bridge the gender gap in the tech community, going the extra mile to support lactating and single mothers in our programs); The National Acceleration Program, to help prepare startups for investment readiness; National Pre-Tech Program, a women-focused training program for tech and digital skills, leading to further career options; National Local Investment Network, a regional crowdfunding network for each respective ecosystem hub; and the Ghana Tech Lab- National Service Scheme Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Program, which is helping to revolutionise the NSS scheme to address high graduate unemployment where graduates leave GTL's training program skilled to enter the formal workforce or well prepared to start their own businesses using technology and their own ideas. 

'Our institutional hub's strengthening programs provide strong, relevant, and appropriate capacity building, from corporate governance, safeguarding, and HR to legal and related financial policies. Our 32 tech innovation hubs are essential to scale our training delivery, help diversify our skills training, and create systems that dovetail into programs that allow our trainees and the hubs to implement their strategic ideas, pursue their intended missions, and achieve their vision for the greater socio-economic good of themselves and their local economies. We provide laptops to aid access to quality education platforms, salary support to the business development leads to assist startups across all our regions, media toolkits to communicate their impact stories, and all year-round free access to internet data for trainees and partner hub operations. We also subsidize hub rent advances and furniture support to ensure our participating trainees feel at home at GTL and its partner hubs across Ghana,' says Mr. Owusu.

Mr. Owusu is personally driven to deliver entrepreneurial tech-supported opportunities to young people in Ghana. This is integral to his mission to transform lives and inspire change in African economies and society through developing and implementing viable businesses and services for the Ghanaian people.

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