The Revolution of Chatbots – An Essential Element For African Startups

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June 28, 2020, 4:18 p.m.

Artificial intelligence is getting more advanced across the world. Emerging trends are catching up at the speed of light daily. This evolving trend has led to the introduction of chatbots for internet users globally. Chatbots are simply programs that are built to imitate human interaction online. It is engaged either via speech or text messaging and can be described as literally having a conversation with the internet. Siri and Alexa for Apple and Amazon respectively are big names in the tech industry in terms of leading chatbots. There are a million other chatbots that have been used by businesses, both big and small to improve the customer experience and increase productivity.

The success stories of chatbots can be replicated in our part of the world as new ideas and businesses come up daily among entrepreneurs. As a continent with lots of potential but relatively limited technological advancement, Africa’s startups need to input maximum effort in order to advance. The growing entrepreneurial force in Africa needs all the resources available to meet this mark.

Though startups on the continent have so much potential to grow, it is necessary to move with the times. Using chatbots as a way of interaction between the online interface of a business, and potential customers is likely to create a favorable impression. Moreover, they are an effective way of cutting cost while getting huge returns on investment. It also reduces the extra cost of paying multiple employees to carry out the same task in call centers.

Moreover, studies have proven that most businesses that use chatbots records higher sales. For startups, higher patronage of goods and services would increase its exposure, rake in more business, attract investments, and strengthen customer loyalty to emerging brands. Higher sales also means a higher possibility of exploring new markets both locally and beyond.

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When consumers are satisfied with the quality of service provided, referrals to other prospective customers increases. Chatbots provide good customer service, with a touch of liveliness, when dealing with customer enquiries and interactions online. They are also accessible at any time, carry out requests with little or no errors, and are very efficient.

African startups and businesses have a lot to offer to the world and need to set the standards in operation. Including chat bots as a mode of communicating between the target market and the business, is an investment worth considering.

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