ToMame Is Using AI Chatbot To Make Voucher And University Form Purchasing Seamless


Oct. 18, 2021, 11:06 a.m.

ToMame, a Ghanaian startup, and a product of the Hacklab Hackathon 2021 has launched its project. The startup is putting in measures to dominate in four sectors; education, eCommerce, communication, and finance.

Its project is an AI-chatbot programmed to allow people, especially, students to buy forms and vouchers seamlessly, make deadline inquiries on university application forms purchasing, and check cut-off points.

Integrated with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger, the system will enable individuals to chat with the startup concerning the services they need, for instance, buying placement forms, university forms, vouchers for checking results, etc. For one to access the system, an individual has to access ToMame’s number registered on the above platforms and automatically, the system will reply to the messages.

Uniquely, it has an intelligent reply functionality and an automated prompt that will require that users enter their PIN during payments with any MOMO service.

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“ Currently, we are the only company providing an AI platform to purchase vouchers and other benefits defined above. Our joy is embedded in students successfully purchasing vouchers to check their results and gain access to other services our project provides without any challenge.”

“ Our biggest threat will be when a competitor is providing a look-alike service. Even with that, we plan to avoid that by improving our system's intelligence and chatbot to make its features easier to use, ToMame stated.”


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