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Aug. 1, 2022, 12:02 p.m.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 1.5 billion people travel annually, and this figure is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Use of online intermediaries for travel booking accelerated post the COVID-19 pandemic, with more and more people relying on online platforms to book their travel experiences. For the consumer, advantages include smooth and timely access to information, security of their money, time savings, price comparison, ease of booking, and the possibility of discounts.

Travel entrepreneurs are helping customers create customized and personalized travel itineraries to make travel hassle-free. In addition, platforms are finding ways to differentiate themselves by carving out niches such as corporate travel and ecotourism, with some platforms offering travel insurance for their users. In this week’s innovation snapshot, we shine a spotlight on 4 travel startups trailblazing to rejuvenate travel across not only the African continent but the globe:

Bongalo (Kenya)

Dubbed as Africa’s answer to Airbnb by CNN, Bongalo connects visitors, travelers, and business people to affordable, comfortable, and convenient accommodation options across Africa. The company leverages mobile money payment technology to provide travelers with a smooth and secure booking process with little to no transaction charges. Open doors for African hosts to list their property on their online platform, receive an increase in bookings and get paid out directly via mobile money. The property listings are all verified before being approved to be on the platform, ensuring authenticity and credibility.

Conservio (South Africa)

Conservio was born from the passion for protecting Africa’s biodiverse places. The company provides conservation experiences, unique locations, adventures, and expeditions; all committed to sustainably safeguarding ecosystems for future generations. The lodges they list online are committed to improving their conservation footprint through conservation and regeneration efforts, sustainable practices, local community engagement, and job creation. Conservio seeks to enable sustainable and transformative travel experiences to inspire global travelers to create a positive impact and become proud ambassadors of ecotourism.

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Wantotrip (Tunisia)

Wantotrip is a travel startup that describes itself as an audience monetization platform through which content creators and digital influencers can host authentic travel experiences worldwide. They organize themed trips dedicated to communities of like-minded people, allowing them to share their common passion while traveling. Examples of suggested themes include Nature & Adventure, Sports & Wellness, and Culture & History, just to name a few. They partner with professional local travel agencies and/or certified local guides whose values and spirit align with Wantotrip. The accommodations differ from one trip to another. They range from hotels, hostels, and bungalows to camping, glamping, and huts. Regardless of the type of lodging, they aim to guarantee travelers high sanitation standards and adequate service.

Kardinal (Nigeria)

Kardinal is an online business travel booking platform with a mission to simplify business trips. They provide a dashboard that allows organizations to manage their bookings, track expenses, generate invoices and automate reports, and get valuable data on their business trips. To support businesses to provide morally and legally safe working conditions for their employees on business trips, Kardinal’s duty of care, Kcare, provides extensive information on the safety, regulations, and country-specific tips, ensuring employee safety and wellbeing on the trip. Moreover, business travel can be arduous without the right policies in place, from last-minute changes to compliance and approval challenges. The platform allows organizations to set travel policies to guide their bookings and budget.


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