Trend: Precision Agriculture In Agritech Startups


Dec. 6, 2022, 9:21 a.m.

Precision Agriculture is an agricultural technology (agritech) method of deploying analytics and monitoring measures to predict yields, safeguard risk and ensure optimum health and productivity on farms.

Over the past few years this method of farming has resulted in improved crop productivity and yields. In addition, it has created a fast and accurate decision making process for farmers in their land management.

Precision agriculture comes in many forms including satellite and drone mapping, soil sampling, weather monitoring, agriculture machinery, greenhouse farming, risk assessment and sensor data.

In today’s snapshot, we feature two agritech startups in Africa that leverage precision agriculture methods to improve agricultural products and services.

Farmio (Ghana) : Farmio is an innovative agribusiness focused on providing tech-enabled agribusiness investment solutions for people interested in building sustainable and profitable agricultural businesses.

The business builds and manages greenhouses while guaranteeing market access for its produce through its major partnerships at premium prices. They do this by leveraging mobile and web technologies, precision farming techniques and climate-smart agriculture principles. In addition, they also offer an e-farm marketplace application for consumers to purchase goods.

Sayetech (Ghana) : Sayetech combines the advantages of IoT and Artificial Intelligence with robust hardware to provide agritech solutions to smallholder farms in Africa. The company designs, manufactures, provides maintenance and training and empowers farmers with data that helps increase their efficiency.

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