Twitter Temporarily Halts Verification Program—A Move To Ensure Safety

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Aug. 16, 2021, 11:02 a.m.

Twitter has temporarily halted the expansion of its verification program so it can make improvements to the applications and review process.

Recall that in May we reported that users could now bag the blue badge irrespective of their status; well, now, the microblogging platform is saying that has been temporarily put on hold.

This move is coming after Twitter admitted that it had inadvertently verified several fake accounts from a bigger botnet( internet-connected devices infected with malware).

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After this update, no more Twitter users will be allowed to apply for verification, a move deemed to ensure safety from the micro-blogging site, aiming to identify fake accounts.

However, If you have recently applied for verification, there is a chance you will get it because the company is still reviewing existing applications, so the freeze is just preventing new people from being able to apply.

Speaking about the latest development, a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge the company would “resume rolling out applications in the next few weeks”.


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