Vodafone And Microsoft To Launch “Begin Platform” To Equip Egyptian Youths With Digital Skills


Aug. 16, 2021, 2:28 p.m.

Vodafone Egypt and Microsoft signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote digital skills among Egypt’s young.

This collaboration brings together Vodafone’s Begin platform and Microsoft’s Tawar w Ghayar initiative to help entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers find jobs and find talent online, especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Begin platform connects Egyptian labor market entrepreneurs with SMEs owners, allowing them to locate jobs and source employees while working entirely online.

The purpose of this platform, at this critical juncture in COVID-19’s expansion, is to provide more job opportunities for youngsters and to facilitate collaboration between business owners, freelancers, and independent professionals.

This Memorandum of Understanding intends to develop collaboration between the two parties to assist young people in obtaining work and learning the required digital skills to succeed in today’s labor market. As a result, the digital economy will expand and the emergence of a digital society will speed, allowing youth to develop their skills and abilities and apply them to their society.

Recent graduates, university students, unemployed citizens, women, and those with disabilities can all benefit from the MoU’s freelance prospects.

“Microsoft believes in the necessity of growing youth skills and enhancing their digital capabilities in the competitive labor market, to drive digital transformation in Egypt towards a knowledge-based digital economy,” said Mirna Arif, Country General Manager for Microsoft Egypt. Technology is a vital aspect of today’s workplace, and firms require people who can work with new technology regularly.

“Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular among youth as a means of gaining employment with greater flexibility and advantages, especially following COVID-19,” Arif stated. It is also helping to promote the country’s economic development by allowing freelancers to find employment online and collaborate with enterprises remotely. By forming relationships with the government and private sector organizations to support youth and provide them with the skills they need to compete in today’s employment market, Microsoft Egypt is making a vital contribution to this movement.”

Microsoft’s Tawar w Ghayar program aims to create strategic partnerships in Egypt to equip youth with digital skills, allowing them to innovate and create utilizing technology.

In 2013, Microsoft, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, launched the Tawar w Ghayar initiative to provide a comprehensive program, including training, capacity building, and job opportunities, to bridge the gap between labor market needs and youth skills.

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“Vodafone Egypt is focusing on offering job possibilities for youngsters and SMEs,” said Mohamed Abdallah, CEO of Vodafone Egypt. They are, in our opinion, the cornerstone of economic growth and the primary driver of digital transformation in Egypt. As a result, we created the Begin platform to help kids, who represent over 3,000 freelancers on the site, develop their digital abilities and find new employment possibilities. Vodafone is offering a 50% discount on Begin for the first project submitted on the platform to inspire and help entrepreneurs and young company owners.”

“We are always seeking new partnerships and collaborations to help Egypt develop and assist its digital transformation and realize its 2030 vision of developing a digital Egypt,” he added. Begin will also be promoted among Microsoft’s grads and teacher-training courses to help freelancers find work. Microsoft also announced Vodafone and Begin as strategic partners in its Tawar w Ghayar online e-learning platform, which intends to teach adolescents in digital and freelance skills.”

Furthermore, Vodafone Egypt is cooperating with Microsoft to promote the Begin platform as a key component of Microsoft’s freelance work effort.

After fulfilling the freelance work contract with Vodafone, it is also responsible for all marketing materials, media coverage, promotional activities, and giving Microsoft Community certificates.

These completion certificates will assist freelancers in finding work with SMEs and start-ups, as well as provide Vodafone with the relevant reports on the individuals who prepared the courses, the number of courses attended, and the number of graduates.


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