WaziVision Calls For Afrocentric Designs Of Eyeglasses From Africans


March 3, 2021, 12:21 p.m.

Female-founded startup WaziVision has announced its invites to Africans to pitch Afrocentric designs of eyeglasses for its new collection.

The call for design ideas is not limited to African residents on the continent but Africans in the diaspora, are welcomed to send in submissions.

WaziVision is known for creating affordable prescription eyeglasses for people in Uganda and now wants to add Afrocentrism to the brand.

The eyeglasses are stylish and manufactured from recycled plastic, wood, barkcloth, fabric, and horn.

Brenda Katwesigye, managing director, said the eyewear will focus on the artistry and creativity of artisans across the continent.

“Every pair of Wazi glasses will be designed by African artists for African customers and face shapes.”

“To us, an ‘Afrocentric’ glasses design is done with African contexts and cultures in mind – be it the materials used, the design, the shape, or the colors. We are looking for authentic African stories to be told through the designs submitted.”

“So many existing options for glasses are not designed for people in Africa. We believe that there is an opportunity to tap into the creativity across the continent and help to tell the stories of inspiring artisans, which we aim to bring to life through our eyeglasses.”

One winner will receive £1,500 (~$2,000) in cash for their idea. There is an opportunity for other selected artists to earn a share of profits on any pair of their glasses designs sold through Wazi.

Existing fashion brands are also welcome to collaborate with Wazi.

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